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Iphone app - Squarespace

 Finally its here! Well slap my bum and call me melvin, the Iphone app for Squarespace is finally out. Thank you Apple and Squarespace.

I've not had much time to play with it but 1st impressions are good. Features include as you move accross the 5 icons across the bottom of screen after you have logged into your chosen account (yes it does support multiple accounts)....

Post            Manage      Preview     Statistics     Account


Post - Here you can add a title, type a post body, manual edit date and input categorys and tags. You can even add a photo (via taking a pic there and then or chosing from a saved pic) before publishing your post or saving as a draft.

Manage - Presents a list of all the posts to your site. Selecting one will give you the option of either delete edit or view the selected post. 

Preview - Does what it says on the 'tin' shows what your site looks like. My only grip I can find so far is here as this need some more basic browser controls especial back as currently it only has a reload button.

Statistics - Say hello to a nice set of analytical graphs for the site. A nice little feature is by swiping across one of the graph you can change the date range. Info covers Page Views (swiping gives you 1 of 3 different types of page views for the previous 7 days), Subscribers, search (swiping give you 1today, 2day 3day and week views), referrers (swiping give you 1today, 2day 3day and week views). If you select a specific days info on a graph you'll be given a precise figure for that day.

Account - Here list the different accounts you have set up. You also have options for add account and get new account.

According to the iphone blog Squarespace are already planing to add comment management in their 1.1 update to the app.

I'm really looking forward putting this app to use now I can make updates on the move thanks to my Iphone and another great service from Squarespace. 

If your using the app please feel free to leave you thoughts on what you think of it and what features you would like to see in the future bellow. 

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