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Website/Iphone app suggestion... Audioboo

Hello peeps,

Just wanted to give a little shout out to Audioboo.

Audioboo is a service which, using an app on your Iphone, allows you to make small recording of, well, pretty much anything you like really. Its kind of like twitter but with audio. Once you’ve made your recording it is uploaded to the Audioboo servers for everyone to hear.The app also uses the Iphones GPS to geo tag the location on the recording.

The accompanying website has a very clean and simple design but looks great. Each boo gets its own little webpage which includes an audio player, of course, a google map showing where the boo was recorded, any tags you have added and code for embedding/linking the boo.

If there is a user on audio you’d like to follow you can subscribe to their RSS feed but the guys Audioboo have taken is a step further. The service also syndicates a users boo’s as a podcast so they can be subscribed to using Itunes… nice touch!

So why not have a go, have some fun with it, this could be the next step in the ever evolving social networking space, expect to see audioboo links appearing in a facebook/twitter status update near you;-)


P.S Here’s my very 1st Audioboo  


why not post your Audioboo replies bellow