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Tron Legacy Trailer


This is the 1st footage i've seen of the new Tron movie, from disney, but I'm already very excited. This looks fantastic! Any fan of the original is gonna go see this. Having Jeff Bridges return is awesome and interestingly he seems to be a more darker character!

One small criticism I have from what I've seen in the trailer is with the light bikes. Fan's of the original will remember they were both cool and scary for two reasons, they were extremely fast and turned at 90 degree angles! The new bikes don't seem to do this, weather a good or bad thing remains to be seen... I'll reserve judgement.

The concept art which was unveiled at Comic-Con this year in San Diego looks wicked click here to check it out for yourselves. If the finished film resembles the art, which I see know reason why it wouldn't judging from the trailer, this film will be a must see for all Tron fan's.

So lets hear you thoughts, comment bellow. Do you think this look like a big pile of poo or and awesome trip down nostalgia lane?