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It's blog time!

Welcome to the new and improved Official G

Come in, come in, take a look around...

Well here it is the new and improve Official G website. Still got loads of tweeks to do but i'm very happy i've finally got the basics an overall look in place what do you think?

The front landing page and About page still need a lot of work but the main blog is laid out with a nice simple design. 

From Official G you will find links to all the different areas of the internet I been lurking. Here's a quick overview of the main links...

  • Home - Take you to the font landing page (still lots to do here)
  • About - Well that obvious I would say. Again still more work needed here
  • Blog Roll - Takes you to every post on the site in date order (latest 1st)
  • Updates, News & Reviews - Organises posts by specific categories
  • Social Link - The usual links to various social networking sites
  • Bitesize G - Take you to my Tumblr blog where I post random stuff too big for twitter but not relavent enough for Official G

Now I have a site i'm happy with I feel re-invigorated to start using it again so keep an eye out for new posts.

As always everything I do goes through twitter so please feel free to follow me on there if you wanna she what i'm up to (Can get anymore pretentious than that sentence!).

Peace and Love, don't go changin'