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Movie Pick of the week (New Feature)

Yoyo, I've decided to make a new feature called, yes you guessed it you cleaver boy and girls, "Movie Pick of the week". The idea is genius in its simplicity! Every Friday i'm going to recommend out of the new movie releases starting Friday which is the must see film!

So here we go...

Ooops little problem, I haven't actually seen any of this weeks new releases so that really wouldn't be an informed suggestion. How about I just tell you what out (UK):

These will speak for them selves really it's down to a simple choice Chick flick or Gritty story of the Hard streets of New York, simples.

I think it's obvious what 95% of people will be watching this week, and the next few for that matter... The World Cup (Starting today)! So get your mates round have a few drinks and enjoy....