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MMORPG - Star Wars: The Old Republic (Cinematic Trailer)

I've been thinking about getting into MMORPG gaming for a while now but World of Warcraft really doen't do it for me. However for the past year i've been hearing whispers of the Star Wars univers coming to this game genre and it's grabbed my attention big time. The game is called Star Wars: The Old Republic, the above video is a teaser trailer for the game and I should point out it is not in game graphics. However f*cking awesome does it look even if I don't play the game I could watch these video's all day! When SWTOR come out I'll will defiantly be thinking about getting involved in this one (if it's Mac compatible).

I don't know when the game is released, I believe that there is no official date yet but best guess is early next year. You can find out more info on the game and see more video's like this one at