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Movie Review: Scott Pilgrim vs The World

Every year there's a movie that comes from left field and make you fall completely in love with it, partly because you didn't see it coming and partly because it captures something that resonates with you. It wount be a big budget movie like Harry P or Avatar, you wont know much about it until it's close to release time and even then you don't quite see it's potential.

For me Scott Pilgrim vs the World is one of those movies. I was always looking forward to seeing the movie since I first heard about it a few months ago but I had no idea how much I would be into this movie. Then one night at 1am in the morning  a sleepy me got the chance to see it for the first time and I love it!

There's so much to say about I don't know where to start or how to articulate what it was I enjoyed so much but I'll give it my best shot...

There's plenty to say just on how the films sounds along. The sound track capture the look and feel of the movie perfectly serving only to enhance the experience, I can see fans scrambling to their itunes accounts to download it, I admit I will probably be one of them. The sound effect do the same too bring little gaming audio treats from all sorts of video games.

Visually is where the film truly got me. It just looked truly amazing, everything just looked right on the money. They did a perfect job of taking the video games world and bringing it into the real world. I really can't think of one way I could have improved it. Fight scenes were bad ass, I can tell you how good it was to finally see Michael Cera do something than play the socially inept drip. Not only did he do something different he did it brilliantly showing he isn't just a one trick poney.

The only little grip I had was that all this crazy stuff starts happening like evil ex's with super powers start showing up to pick a fight and no-one seem to be surprised by all this. then Scott starts kicking more ass than a showlin monk and no one I really shock. The point i'm trying to make is that there is no kind of backstory or explanation behind all the surreal stuff that happens in the film. Having said that you can easily get over that fact.

This movie goes on the must see list for 2010 without a doubt I have to give it 5/5! Go see it as soon as possible. 

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