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200 Paper Plans with memory card payload dropped from space by Samsung

Just caught this article on Thought it was so cool I had to post it here. Here's the skinny...

Step 1: Post message on website asking people to leave message that will be put onto the SD cards which will be on the paper planes.

Step 2: Make a weather ballon capable a) reaching 21 mile (the stratosphere) b) releasing 200 paper planes. 

Step 3: Load data onto memory card then make a load of papar plan and attached one SD card to each plan.

Step 4: Head to germany and launch balloon. 

Step 5: Tear arround Germant countryside looking for downed balloon via tracking magic. 

Step 6: Wait for the messages. Each card also has a message saying what the project is about and asking for info on where the plan was found.

Check out the video. Little stunts like this are awesome, now where are them party balloon left over from christmas?...