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Photography - Finding inspiration

During last year I started getting a keen interest in photography. I made a promise that as I learn new tips and tricks I would share my knowledge with you good people who take the time to read this site and today i'm here with not so much a tip but a resource.

One of the best things I can recommend to new photographers is to find professional photographers who inspire you. Look for the guys who are shooting the types of shots you want to be able to do. Flickr has one of the biggest directories for photographers and is just one of a tone of places you can find professional photographers as see there work.

There are two photographers in particular I have found to be an enormously helpful source of information and learning in my short time in this world. Both Frederick Van Johnson and Lisa Bettany not only take amazing photo's but they also decidate there time in teaching good photography.

Frederick is host on a number of quality podcasts about photography This Week In Photo and his personal podcast FrederickVan - Photography Industry News, Reviews and Interviews have a wealth of information from tips and tricks to current news and reviews. Frederick has very recently re-launched his website and with it he has begun a new serise called Shut up and shoot which is an audio show for newbies teaching the basics and best practice so I for one will be listening very closely.  

Lisay Bettany is a very well respected photographer and has joined forces with the guys at tap tap tap to create the awesome app Camera+ the must have iphone app for photography fanatics. One of the great things about Lisa is that between her blog and flickr account Lisa takes the time to explain her thinking behing her shots and the technical aspects of how the picture was put together. Each one of her photos is a masterclass in her field. I'm very excited to report Lisa has been linked to a new photography show on the network with Leo Laporte, to be launched later in the year once the network has moved into their new studios.

Lisa has set a challenge to photographers to help improve their photography. The concept is simple, you upload 1 photograph a day for a year, hence the name of the challenge mostly365. This is a great way to practice your camera skills and will keep you focus on composition, one of the most important skills in taking great photo's. I'm a little late to the party but starting today I'm getting involved. Click here if you want to see how i'm getting on. 

There's lots of links in this post to a massive amount of information and help for your photography so take a good look around the various sites, make some bookmarks and jump into at least one of the podcasts you'll be surprised how much you'll learn just by listening but remember the best way to get better is simply to keep snapping as many photo's as possible.

Hope you find this post helpful. Please comment bellow on your thoughts and any link for your photography. 

Happy snapping 

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