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It's blog time!

Sunday catchup

I love having Sundays off. My Sundays do tend to have chilled out/relaxed vibe and today has been no exceptions despite involving a trip to the gym. I know I've been A.W.O.L on this blog but work is taking up all my time so here's an update on what been occurring whilst I have a rare minute.

IOS 5.0

1st off was the ISO5.0 release, I know I promised a full review of it but like I said i'm struggling to find free time. However I will say I'm very pleased with the new offering. I think it has to be the most substantial update since the release of the app store. Favourite feature has to be the new notification centre, no more interruptions, and the reminders app essential for forgetful me. I, like a few people, had issues upgrading but that's what you get for doing it literally minutes after the update was released. After fighting iTunes for 2 days I got up and running, 1st world problem hey?

Gym it up

In other big news, not so big if you follow me on twitter,  I've joined a gym with her in doors. It's actually a leisure centre but the facilities are modern. It's good to be back, yes I was a gym member once before. I'm really getting into it. I did a goal setting session earlier this week, something i've never done before, it good having a goal to work towards with guidance from someone who actually (i hope) knows what they are talking about. 1st session was yesterday it was hard going at parts but at least it felt like I was making a difference.

New addition

This week we had a new addition to the family. After my goal setting session as mentioned earlier I decided to take a quick swim after the appointment to cool down, on the way home I called Lotti to see if she wanted anything from my planned detor to Sainsburrys. When she answered the phone she told me that my brother was here, then in an awkward tone said I should come home 1st before I go to the shop. I knew right then what I would find when I got home. This guy...

 My brother ain't silly he just turned up on the door step with him said said "well I can take him back if you want?" as if that was ever gonna be an option. 

Here a few more photo's for all you cat lovers

 Here he is watching Castle with me, turns out he like his TV

He also has the making of my new wingman in COD

As you can see he like his tech, especially the Macbook, here a photo of him as I write this very post

Ok that's enough kitten tomfoolery although his name is up for debate. We want it to be geeky but not sad. Favourites are Google, Jobs (after Steve), Shelden & O'Malley. Cast your vote in the comments or offer a sugestion for something else. 

Right gonna cut off here, got another post to write i've been putting, there a teaser for you lol. Before I go here a little song i've listening loads too, see if you like it.

Peace out