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100 Films, 100 Days: Inception

I'm going to come clean here. My 1st time watching Inception I was left a little under whelmed. Upon refection I think this was because I didn't fully understand what the frick was going on. 

The 2nd time round however i'm onboard! Such a complicated and though provoking plot. This films is about a group of people who steal information by entering a persons dreams and extracting the info direct from their mind. One of the key plot drivers is actually the opposite of this it's called Inception, the team are employed to plant an idea into the mind of a soon to be heir of an energy empire. Whist this is going the the main character, Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio) is dealing with some personal issues which are putting the team's mission at risk. 

Inception is a movie that required some concentration to follow what's going on as you are dragged into this new reality and taught the rules. Believe me when I say it's worth your time because the effort you put in is paid off with gun fights, car chases, zero g fight scenes in a hotel (yup now your curious) and the simple satisfaction of being able to follow one of the most complicated plots since the Matrix 2. I was left wanting more and also left with some questions as i'm sure did most people ensuring that this film will be in peoples minds for years. Hum, have I/we been Incepted? (is that even a word?).

Casting a character are great there some very entertaining dialog between them my favourite being Eames (Tom Hardy) he brings some English charm and wit to a mostly serious cast. Other note worthy cast members include Joseph Gordon-Levitt who had so many great roles (i'm personally looking forward to he upcoming film Premium Rush), Ellen Page aka Juno, Ken Watanabe who play a fantastic role on 'The Last Samurai' and the late great Pete Postlethwaite.

All in all a must see film defiantly deserves to be in the top 100. I did see one or two plot holes and being an action guy I was completely satisfied on that front so i'm giving Inception a 4/5 

7 films down 93 to go in the 100 films 100 days challenge. 

Please feel free to leave me your thoughts on Inception in the comments bellow.