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Frank Turner - I still believe

For you's that don't know I am a huge fan of Frank Turner but I’ve tried to tone it down on here then today I realised the whole point of this site if for me to show what I love so get ready for a lot of Frank T ;)

I think I should explain why and love this guy. Not only is he awesome singer in a genre that I really love and a genius songwriter of lyrics that are clearly true to the man and his beliefs that are both motivating and inspiring. He lives his life staying true to his beliefs with an infectious passion for what he love music, life & Friends. He really does spend his life on the road, he's always on tour or doing a gig and nowhere is out of the question weather it's Rainy England, Doggie parts of Europe or The Back waters of New Orleans America if they wanna hear him he will come and give them a performance never to be forgotten. 

When ever I watch/listen to his music I know he's talking about his life but like all great song writers he make me feel like either his song were written about my life or feel his emotions arround what he is singing about. No matter how bad shit might get I can always rely on Frank to put a smile on my face and make me remember that not matter how bad shit might seem it will be ok.

In short Frank Turner is my moddern day hero and influncer. If I can live my life with half the passion, dedication to what he love's I will be honnered.

Ok it's getting a bit too gay arround here moving on...

This music video is an awesome example of what Frank Turner does and who he is. I defy you not to listen to this and not tap your foot with a smile on your face humming hear yey.

Want to learn more about Frank Turner? Here's some links: 

Enjoy the song and if you like it please check out his other suff on Itunes.