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It's blog time!

Time wasting blog post about blogging

Hey hey Party people. 

Can't remember the last time I wrote a blog post so I should make an effort. I warn you now as i'm typing I have no idea what I wanna say and I'm partaking in my CSI sunday ritual out the corner of my eye so expect this to be simply a lot of ramblings for a tired me...

I want to write something really interesting here, something that demonstrates my brilliant insight into some burning topic of the moment yet all's i'm getting is a mental brick wall. Achually that gives me an idea on what to write about.

Blogging is a funny old game. Many people set out to start their own blog and for the majority of people one of two things will happen. Either they will start off strong post at least a few times a week but then quickly get board and stop. For these people I have a theory that they only blog because they see it as a chance to be seen. Not that thats a bad thing, isn't that what most people want, to be recognized for doing something memorable? The other thing thats happens to new bloggers is they fall into the trap of of simply blogging about the boarding mundane things that they do in there day-to-day life such as what they had for tea or what's their plans are for a week on Thursday. I also think that some people think too much, either they try to force a blog post because they fell they must post or they worry too much about the thought of people, strangers and friends reading their thoughts and making unwanted judgment and so nothing interesting come out. So with these theorys in mind here's a few tips to the newbies of the blogging world.   

  1. Blog because you want to.
  2. Write as if only you will be reading what you post (but don't write anything that could get you in trouble).
  3. If your blogging to get readers thats cool but expect it to take a while. You could be writing for months before you get followers. 
  4. Most of all NO 'I had xxx for tea' posts'! keep it interesting and have a point or what would be the point in having something to say?

Well, that's my thought for the day but before I return to the cheezy one liners of CSI: Miami it would be arporiate to finnish of with a heads on a good blog and at the same time I can give a shout out to a friends new blog. Suzy is fairly new to blogging but I think she's already got a good grip on what a good blog should be so go have a read of Eeep i'm a blogger i'm sure it will amusing and intruige you. 

Don't go Changin'