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Minecraft Mini Doc



Minecraft fans here's a great little documentry on the Creator of minecraft aka 'Notch'. The video is just over 20 mins long and introuces the man who single handeldly created minecraft, see how his little 'hobby project' has grown into an achual company thanks to the game phononal sucess and a glimpse into the possible future for the team.

A bit of Background

Minecraft is and independant game created from the mind of Swedish borne Markus Persson know to the community as Notch (His twitter name). In a break from the norm of game developement Notch realses the 1st version of his game, which back then was simply it a hobby project, as an alpha version. This allowed anyone interested to play the game while it was being developed. With no marketing what so ever the highly adictive Minecraft became viral through word or mouth alone. Towards the end of 2010 everyone was talking about the game that wasn't even anywhere near finnish, describing it using terms such as 'Minecraft is like crack'. Personnally, I think the reason why the game is so adicive is simply because in Minecraft you can literly build just about anything in your own private world I guess that speaks to the hunders of hours I spent building lego as I grew up. Or I just have a god complex. You decided.

If your you've never heard of Minecraft or want to know more about the game at least go check out some youtube video's of which there is a great many! 

Enjoy the Vid Doc