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It's blog time!

2 Movies to be very very excited about...

Ok boy's n girls lets easy ourselves back into this blogging business I know I said I have more time but that doesn't mean I'm sitting around all the time twiddling my thumbs. Let start of with a familiar post readers will be used to and talk about films! 

Personally i'm not a huge fan of trailers, I do enjoy watching them and usually they succeed in getting me excited for an upcoming film. However more often than not trailers give away far too much of the story away, ruining the film when you finally see it. I also don't like it when they put scenes into trailers that don't appear in the final cut grrr. So for these reason I try not to judge a film based on trailers, however...

Recently I've seen trailers for two upcoming film that I just can't help but get as excited as teenage girl at a Justin Bieber concert. Incase these have somehow missed you let me catch you up.

Avenger Assemble

Previously named Avengers, for me this one was a no-brainer. In concept Avengers Assemble had my name written all over it and that's where the problem lies! I've had my fingers burnt in the past, case in point do you remember a little film called Super 8 I got excited for what should be an amazing film, it had Sci-Fi, monsters, action, comedy all the things geeks love. In the end was left feeling under delivered. So I've done my best not to be pulled in the huge marvel marketing machine however these trailers are so god dam amazing. Just sit back watch in full screen mode with your speakers on 11!

Marvel Avengers Assemble Superbowl 2012 Official Trailer 


"I have an army", "Well we have a Hulk" BOOM that just happened! and just when you thought you've had all's you need this dropped...

AHHH WTF OMG i'm so excited I just pee'd my pants!  Did you see that? I'm sorry but I lost control and let myself get carried away when a reliable source told me that this is full on action all the way through the film and when you think there's no more they take you on another 20min action fest of witty one liners, crazy stunts and big exposions.

Ok deep breaths, serious question time now, who's your favourite Avenger character, I think they are all great but for me it has to be Iron Man hands down, I loved the concept as a kid and Robert Downey Jr has been a legend in my eyes since Air America he just simply makes the Iron Man role what it is! 

Having said all this about film being a let down on the flip side  I absolutly love it when movies come along that you think should be good, watch it and then leave the cinema thinking that was awesome! For me Attack the Block, Thor and Plannet of the Ape were films that I didn't hold much hope for but was very plesently suprised.


This one has been getting A LOT of buzz, quiet rightly too! The Alien franchise has been a strong one, the first and second being widely regarded as the best of series and the standard to beat for Sci-Fi and especially Sci-Fi thriller/horror. Prometheus is not an Alien movie as such, it's a prequel to the original. Set in the Alien universe, Prometheus answers the question where the famous crashed ship and its piolet know as The Space Jockey, we see in the beginning of Alien, came from along with a lot more judging by the trailer have a look...

Watching this trailer bring back fantastic memory's of watching the films as a kids.  I felt completely in awe of the Alien universe created by Ridley Scott then James Cameron along with the producers and judging by this trailer they not only captured that feeling, look and mood they improved it. Watching Aliens as a kids I loved the marines, Hicks was my favourite he was bad ass with his furtureistic machine guns side by side with his trusy shot gun (Just realised that must be why its my wepon of choise when gaming). There currenlt 4 Alien movies each seem to have a cult following but also divide fans as they are so different, which was your favourite Aliens film? I couldn't get into 3.

Ok, well that turned out to be a bigger post then I planned, but I guess that's what happen when you talk about something you love. Peace out for now, more posts soon(ish) 

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