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Trailertastic - Looper

Hey hey party people, I realise my posts are coming think and, well erm... slow. I've been working on a little project i'm really excited to show you guys but don't want to jinx it so i'm going to have to make you wait until it's complete. 

For now I wanted you to see this trailer that came out of nowhere this week and got this guy alone with many very very excited. The movie is call Looper, it's a time travel film, bare with me, where in the not to distant future time travel is invented and is used to assinat people by sending them back in time and having someone else murnder them. It stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt as a younger version of Bruce Willis! how cool is that?.. Just watch the trailer you'll be onboard trust me. 

I know right?! sound track, action story and great cast. Can't wait to check this bad boy out!

What do you think? Love or hate time travel films? Answer in the bublydo bellow