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Photo of the day - BPL Fireworks Championships - Ireland

Each year Blackpool holds the international fireworks championships. Every Friday for a 9 week period a different country will compete for the title. Each challenger is give the same set of fireworks and the rest is up to them. Last Friday was the 1st event and we watched in with child like excitement Ireland kicking off the proceedings.

Photo of the day - BPL Fireworks Championships - Ireland (Friday 9th September)

I really did hope that for my first real attempt at shooting fireworks it was going to as straight forward as possible. I'd done my research, I knew what camera mode and settings I was going to use. I had an idea of location. What I didn't bank on was the weather. I really should have know better but after the good summer we have just had I naively though the night would be mild and pleasant.... No. This is England, not only that Blackpool, England, in September. So of course it was raining, hard. 

Undeterred we made our way down to the location on bike, yes bike (cycles). I set up the Sony NEX-5 onto my tripod and protected it with a Les Miserables umbrella,  you know just to add a touch of culture, and snapped away. Here one of my favourite from what I got out at the other end.

BPL Fireworks Championships - Ireland (Friday 9th September)

This was also my 1st play around with Lightroom 5, I usually use Aperture. I like the program but I found myself missing Aperture, I can't quiet put my finger on why. I'll reserve judgement until i've given it a fair old test drive.  

Hope you like the photo. I'm planning on shooting all the events so my fireworks photo's to come.  

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