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I got featured!

Ok so I may be getting carried away when I say featured but Suzy, who to be fair, is a friend of mine, asked if I would like one of my photo's to be used in her "Sunday Supplement feature' for her award nominated blog! Friend or no I couldn't help getting a little bit excited that someone other than me or my family liked one of me photo's enough to want to share it with their audience.

If your into reading blogs you should defiantly add her's to your reading list you can find it at she has a great style to her writing that's a joy to read.

Easy Rider - Blackpool, UK

Suzy has taken a particular liking to my street photography work and this has just re-inforced a feeling i've been having for some time. This genre is something i've been drawn to since the birth of my obsession with photography. The thing I love the most is leaving the house and not knowing what type of image I will capture. I sort of feel like I'm on the hunt for some sort of rare animal. 

Street photography is something I defiantly will be doing more. I have a number of street image already edited and waiting to be given a home online. I'm thinking about exactly what I want to do with them, I want to give them a decent showcase perhaps their own site or tumblr? Who knows? Watch this space but I almost certainly will be doing a street gallery to compliment the  Landscape gallery already up. 

Thanks for looking and a special thanks to Suzy for spreading the word 

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