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'Please give generously' - Blackpool High Street

This was a really cold day. I stood and watched this guy for a little while as he stood at the door of M&S hoping for some donations. What impressed me about this chap is that he never failed to open the door to every customer and say hello to everyone who passed him. He never actually asked once for money and was nice to everyone regardless if a person donated or not. He was an old school gent. 

In stark contrast and spent the rest of my visit running a fun house* style gauntlet to avoid the Oxfam, Sky and other assorted people who would come at me with the determination of a tomahawk missile to make me part with my money.

If you want to do you bit for charity give to my man above he deserves it just for being honest. 

Have a good day


  *Fun house was a kids TV show in the 90's hosted by the ledgent Pat Sharpe who coincidently is now a local radio host in Blackpool.