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Old man Coniston and Remnants of Old

I took this photo during a microadventure to camp at a nearby location. Keep an eye on the blog for more info on that. If you've been following my year of micro adventure challenge you'll know what I'm talking about. For them that are new have a look at my Longridge Fell Microadveture post for a look at what I did for February.

Photo of the day - Old Man Coniston and remnants of old 

Taken on the side of old man coniston, a popular hiking spot in the more southern hills of the Lake District National park. This area was once used for Copper mining back in the day and also has a slate quarry. You can find all kinda of crazy manmade thing left behind from disused mine entrances to old equipment.  I took lots of images on this trip you can bee sure to see more from the area in my feeds if you like this kind of image.  

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