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It's blog time!

Another big release in the bag

Tonight we saw the release of the second instalment of Sex in the City 2 and don't ask me for a review because I ain't happening! I'm pleased to report thanks to the excellent planning, organisation and execution of 2 superstar managers who will remain nameless (*cough *cough) the night went like clock work. No one was turned away and everyone was happy, except the one obligatory silly b*tch who thinks they are better than everyone and so feel the need to treat everyone like they are bellow them. Isn't it funny that 9 time out 10 that person is a teacher?

Lotti is in bed catching some shut eye not like thats a surprises as its after 10pm. Think she is feeling creative because she has finally started her own blog. I've been trying to get her to do one for ages now. She is a much better writer than me so i'm looking forward to seeing what she writes. Her blog is Always Talking talk about an apt name!

This weekends paintball trip is turning into a family camping trip. Half the family are going down so should have some funny stories to report back on after the weekend.

OK my brew has gone cold so i'm off to make a fresh one so i'm putting this post in the can.

Peace out