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National Movie Awards - The Results are in

A little while ago I posted how I voted for the national movie awards on my other blog. Now the results are in! So here’s how I voted In the National Movie Awards for 2010 - winners in bold 

  • Action/Thriller - Kick Ass winner is Sherlock Holmes (i'm happy with that)
  • Family - Up winner is Harry Potter
  • Fantasy - Avatar winner is New Moon (shocker)
  • Most Anticipated summer Movie - The A-Team (Iron Man wasn’t on there) winner is Eclipse (another shocker)
  • Breakthrough Movie - Nativity winner is The Time Travellers Wife
  • Performance of the year - Robert Downey Jr (Sherlock Holmes) winner is Robert Pattison (For the love of god get of it!)

Looking at the winners I think it's safe to say the majority of the voters were 16yr old school girls with no clue but I guess thats more to do with how the awards were run/advertised.

Next time one of these comes up think I will also do my predictions for who I think will win as well as who I want to win. Think I would have guessed most of these.