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E3 2010

Exciting times boys and girls, E3 begins tomorrow. E3 is the biggest event of the year in the gaming world, here you will find every console manufacture and games studio all in one please ready to make their next big announcement. Most highly anticipated at this years event is the World Premier of the "Project Natal Experience" with a little help from Cirque du Soleil. So in anticipation I though I'd do a little run down on some of the big events and where you can get the news as it happens.

  •  Xbox 360 media briefing - Monday June 14th at 10am PST - The media briefing will be live streamed on and also on Facebook if your in the UK, Spain and Itally 18:30 UK time and 19:30 Central European time. Also on Spike TV if you have it available. 
  • World Premier of the “Project Natal Experience”, imagined by Cirque du Soleil - Tuesday, June 15th starting at 3:30pm PST on MTV

In addition to the official sources i'm sure there will be people streaming the big briefings on and Twitter will no doubt be on fire with an endless source of news from the event, just search either #xboxe3 for all the xbox realated news or #e3.

I'll be making good use of xbox's Major Nelson as a constant supply of reliable info. Head over to the E3 section of his blog where you will find curated tweets directly from the project natal world premiere, Microsoft Press briefing and everything from the show floor. The page will also have a live blog running for the press briefing so if you can watch it you can still follow also in a text format. 

Here are some of the other big event scheduled at E3

  • Monday June 14th at 2pm PST - EA 
  • Monday June 14th at 5pm PST - Ubisoft - Very much looking forward to this one, these boys make some great games... true story
  • Tuesday June 15th at 9am PST - Nintendo 
  • Tuesday June 15th at 12pm PST - Sony

I will be following the event with Twit.TV where the father of the internet Leo Laporte and the entertaining Brian Brushwood will be live streaming from the show floor. Last time Leo live streamed he ended up crowd surfing at a diggnation live show during South by South West, I'm sure this will be just as entertaining especially with mischievous Brian being present this time! 

I'll be posting updates to this site as I can as the news comes to so watch this space.