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E3 - Project Natal Premiere

Project Natal Premiered last night and the all the star arrived like it was the Oscars led into the event by a familiar red carpet. The event was recorded by MTV and played back on Tuesday, I believe it will also be available on the website. During the event Natal finally got it's official name Kinect.

Hilariously people at the event were asked to don white ponchos, the reason thats being reported is the Kinect doesn't see dark suited or "black" people. Hummm I think Microsoft have created a rasist gaming platform??? We already have some games announced Star Wars, Kinectimals (which sounds like Catz for DS), Kinect sports (shocker) Kinect adventure, Joy Ride and Dance central. These all seem like really obvious game to create for a platform such as this the real excitement will come when we see what the game developers do with it. Also show was the ability to video chat which is a no brainer but with Kinects chat you can talk with up to 4 people at once which could be useful.

There's still lots more to be announced on Kinect no least the price but if you want more info check out Engadgets article on the event where they analysis some of what they saw.

Thanks for reading i'll be posting tonight after the Xbox 360 Media Briefing on what we find out there.