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Movie Review - Death at a Funeral

I really need to get in the babit of doing these reviews faster. I saw this fine days ago! Ok here we go...

BTW: I just found out the this isn't the 1st version of the comedy film Death at a Funeral as well as this 2010 edition with a predominately black cast it was also made in 2007 with an predominately white cast. I'm willing to bet this version is funnier...

Death at a Funeral has a surprisingly long list of famous faces appearing in the film some more suprinsing than other for such a flick, Danny Glover for one. This movie is clearly gonna live or die by how funny it is and the movie is, let me just say funny! The cast boasts three big names in comedy who all have roots in stand up. 30 Rock's Tracy Morgan, seasoned actor Martin Lawrence, and the fantastic Chris Rock all play important parts. I'm disappointed to say the comedy performance from these guy is a little disappointing. I was all set to have my side split by these heavy hitters. I'm a big fan of all three dudes, especially Chris rock and they do have their funny moment but I came out feeling let down. However, fear not, there is an awesome source of hilarious and daft comedy and it comes from a very unlikely supply. James Marden is an actor who 1st got my attention as Cyclops in Xmen and since then I've like him more and more with every new film he does, each one showing a different side to his acting ability. In Marsden we find the true fountain of giggles from his portail of his characters reaction to acidently taking some very powerful hallucinogenic drugs mistaking them for valium. I don't want to ruin it for you so I wount go into details but what follows is extremely entertaining to say the least.

There's enough going on in the plot to keep you entertained, from all the way through thanks to new twists in the main story and funny little sub stories there's plenty to keep your attention.

All in all Death at a Funeral isn't the definitive comedy I can think of funnier, The Hangover for example, but it defiantly worth a trip to the cinema to see it. So go, get out to your local cinema tell 'em Graham sent you and they'll say 'Who the f*ck is Graham?' and you'll feel very stilly indeed ;-)