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Why I'm not buy an ipad (yet)

Well, the ipad has landed in the UK and is getting into the hands of the Brits. After all the speculating I’ve been doing I’ve finally had a chance to get my hands on one thanks to a friend who pulled the trigger on one during the pre-order phase which ment the luck b*tch got one the day before release.

People who know me might be a little surprised by what i’m about to say…. Since the ipad was 1st announced i’ve been a strong advocate for the device arguing with the naysayers. My feeling was to look at from a distance the ipad was not all that enticing. However I was sure that once people got a chance to touch it and play with it they would change their minds and instantly fall head over heals in love with it and soft music would play in the background and flowers would fall from the skys etc. Mostly I was right and, at the lastest count, the 2 million ipads sold proved me right…

What I was wrong about was my feeling about it. I wanted it soooo badly after I watched the announcement speech from Mr Jobs. Lotti agreed with me after she saw footage of the thing in action. We both decided we wanted it that much that we made a plan to sell her macbook to pay for it, rationalizing the decision because I had bought myself a 27” imac in January and so couldn't possibly need a laptop.

Now i’ve had time to come down from a new (Apple) gadget high and even had the opportunity to play with the ipad and  i’ve come to a realisation. I would be insane to sell a Macbook inorder to buy an ipad! YES, ipads are very very cool. YES they are the next new computing device. YES, they are extremely functional, sleek in design and very intuitive. But the simple fact is despite all this a Macbook can still do more because it has a full operating system were as the ipad is running of the same OS and the iphone.

For me the biggest issue a difference in operation systems causes comes down to TV. I’m all for apple's stand on not supporting flash but I watch a lot of TV content online because the nature on my job mean that i’m never home when the programs are scheduled to air. I mostly use Lotti’s Macbook to watched these shows because it’s portable and so I can be near Lotti and spend time with her while catching up on my tv fix. Most of the on demand TV sites use flash to play their programs meaning the what I would want to use the ipad most for would not be achievable.

Having said all this i’m in no way saying don’t buy and ipad buy a Macbook instead. remember an ipad is considerably cheaper than a macbook. I’m just not willing to sacrifice a macbook to do it. Incase you are wondering I still fully intend on picking one up when I can get the cash together, i mean come on! have you seen the ipad? it's amazing! When I do get my grubby paws on one I put up a review but I wouldn't hold your breath.

Don’t go changin’