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It's blog time!

T'internet Round up - Freddy is back, Super Gran to the rescue and pig Ignorant Brits

Word up boy's & girls, here's a collection of thing from around the internet that have caught my attention this week

The search for Freddy Mercury is over people!

Marc Martel is Freddy Mercury. Speaking as a massive Queen fan I loved this, went straight to itunes and put on the greatest hits :)

Super Gran stops robbery

This isn't the 1st time I've seen or even shared this video but it's one I had forgotten about until I watched it on Rude Tube. This is both funny awesome on so many levels. The way she come running down the street to sort them out is legendary. Also notice how there are at least x2 male shop assistants crapping their pants inside who offer no help when super gran comes to the rescue. Then we have classic bumble as the scum bags try to get away on hair dryers with wheel and fails miserably tipping the bike onto the deck. Like I said the lady is awesome on so many levels. 

Danny Macaskill - Industrial Revolutions

These types of video are exactly why I love the tinternet so much! Here's a guy how takes his skill to a whole new level whilst making it look effortless! Where else would I see this stuff!? Also from a photography/videography point of view I love how this was shot. The relaxed and down to earth tone of the video given from the DSLR and the location of the shoot, along with smooth angels and playful soundtrack, simply brilliant. If you enjoy this I tend to Google lots of free running videos too, Maybe i'll share some of my fav's next week. Ops just realised I already posted this video. Oh well I like it that much I'll leave it. 

Coach Trip Fight

Think I'm late to the part on this one but I was so applaud when I saw this video on the new Jonathan Ross show (love it btw) I had to post the video to show the world just how ugly ignorance can be. 

Ads - T-Mobile Parking Ticket

TV ads are great, they are mini pecices of art that I think are very often over looked. Some of them I really do enjoy in their own right regardless of what they are selling. Here's one of my fav video currently running on UK TV for T-Mobile. So funny.

Ads- Yeo Valley (X-factor editition)

Was about to tie a bow on this post and call it a wrap then this little gem caught my eye during the X-factor ad break (Before you ask no I wasn't watching).