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It's blog time!

What to watch this Friday?

Thinking of starting a new feature for Monday in which we take a look at the films coming out next week. What do you think? Lets see if it catched on? Struggling on a name, any suggestions? 

Next weeks release are looking good Real Steal and The Three Musketeers (2D/3D) are the stand out ones for me with advanced previews of Paranormal Activity 3 a week on Thursday. Footloose is also out along with the cheesy titled Dolphin Tale. 

Take a look at the trailers bellow. Any ones catch your eye? 

Real Steel

Do I have to say anymore on this one? Looks awesome!

The Three Musketeers

Been waiting a wee while for these 3 lads to show up. Hope they were worth the wait.


Just not feeling it. Wasn't really a fan of the last one, only watched of because Kevin Bacon was in it. 

Dolphin Tale

Willy move over your about to be replaced by a Dolphin with erm no tail. Does Morgan Freeman bring some credit to this ultra cheese story?

Paranormal Activity 3 

Very excited it's hear. In-case you didn't pick it up this is another preqal to show what did happened to the two girls when they were  little. Spooky. 


Well that's it for a 1st pass at this new segment. Leave any suggestions in the comments bellow and let me know of you see any of these. 

Peace out