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Blogity - Gadget show 2012

Me and @Lottid were there baby Sunday 15th of April 2012. This year we were on a tighter buget than last so we were up at some very questionable time to make the 3hr trip to Brimingham. We arrive just as they opened the door which was awsome time/driving by your truly. The show what great, I got the feeling it was slightly small than last year but had a better standard of exibiters and their booths. 

I spent a lot of time at the Cannon booth which was great, they had tones of camera's along with other products on disply avavilbe your the general public to paw over until their hearts content. For me there were only x2 items I wanted to check out, the 'dream cam', Cannon's 5D Mrk III and the 'back in the real world' 60D, if/when the day come's I can drop some cash on a DSLR this is looking like the one??? 

Cannon 60D

I spent most of my time with the 60D because thanks to Cannon's booth this was the 1st oppertunity I got to have a serious play arround with the gear without having some sales person desperaly tryng to make a sale because the 'current echonmic climate' has results in all empolyee being told to make a sale at all costs your their 1st born with be set on fire, you know for the sake of the country and all that. 1st impressions were excelent, it feels very good on the hand, comfortable grip and very solid body. If feels like it could ealy take the very likley multiple drops I will infilck in it. Controls and buttons were layed out well and I like the LCD screen on the top to give a constant display of what you've got the thing set to, one advantage over the 550D, a possible alternative. Another adavantage over 550D and one of the key appeal to me is the flippy rotation screen. Sound (and looks) a little silly and clunky at 1st but this screen will be a god send when i'm trying to get 'arty' shots really low or really high for that matter. Took a few practice shots with it and like what my limited abilities with a DSLR could produce so I think this is a winner for me... 

Well thats enough about the camera, i'm not intending this to become a review blog. 

Man Bags

As soon as we arrived at the N.E.C  one thing was very apparent, you wern't part of the crew unless you had a *man bag! They were everywhere and ironically they were all much bigger than the bags the girls where carring, They came in all sorts of shaps and sizes lol. Having said I have a theory as to what was in most of these bags.. food. This became very apparnt after tempting to buy some lunch that would fill us up with having to re-morgage the house. Just one pulled pork sandwich and a drink cost arround £7. So hot tip people take a packed lunch in your best Star Wars sandwich box, unless you are rich.

*Full disclosure: I too was carring a man bag. You have to at these pleaces to carry all the swag! This is not my 1st exibition by far people i'm a max power veteren and this is my 2nd trip to GSL. I HAVE A (SEVERAL) MAN BAG(S) AND I'M PROUD. 

Home Entertainment - I've seen the light

One of the big main focus's of GSL is Home Entertainment, you can't move for High end, super duper, so loud they will blow a girls cloths clean off, speaker or black blacker than black, dynimic screen SMART TV's so thin you can shave with them while they calcualate home many hours you have to work before you can pay off the TV you would leave your family for.  

I've always been into great TV and avoided going the really expensive step further and including an amp and hooking up some good speaker to get that sound you normally only get when you pay to go to the cinema. My now I know i'm on board, the sound coming out of these speakers was simply astonising I can really see the day where I have a really nice home entertainment set up and I wound feel the need to go to the cinema get get an awesome experience.

Then you add into the mix a systems like Airplay or Sonos where you stream your audio content arround the house wirelessly to different speakers in each room which can have the volume adjusted indipendantly and, depending on the system can even have different content in different rooms all from one source! Amazing, exciting, expecive, I want it! Lotti was especially impressed with the sonos booth and I have to say I was to there speakers were custom build with quaility in mind ranging in price direectly proprtianal to how loud where were. All the speaker we heard were aweseome at the sonos booth. If your interested in this area i'll be doing a more detailed post of stream audio at a later date.