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It's blog time!

Welcome to the new and Improved

I know I know, I hear you screaming (not another site design). The decision to change was mostly taken out of my hands. As some may know this site is a Squarespace site, check them out they are awesome. In July Sqaurespace introduced Squarespace 6 a new version of their awesome platform. The new version was built from the ground up from scratch and the content management end completely revamped a simple upgrading wasn't an option. The new version has new templates new ways of managing style, design and content. This has meant that i've had to re-think how I wanted my site to look, feel and work. There are good and bad points to the new squarespace but i'm not going to go over them now needless to say the new version overall kicks ass.

Squarespace 6 came at just the right time for me. Photography has been playing a bigger part in my spare time more and more over the last year or so starting with my iPhone and then good friend very kindly lent me his Sony NEX-5 for me to start learning the key technical principal of taking photo's. I figure if I want to start getting a bit more serious about this I'd like a place that I can control to show what I've been doing and where I am going. I built this version of the site with photography in mind and so this is what i'm hoping the site does for me....

  1. Provide a feeling to be both motived and responsible to go out and shooting reguarly. You can read all the blog posts & books, watch all the online video tutorials, seminars, google+ handouts and online classes you like if you don't go out and practice you wont get any better. 
  2. Over time I hope to be able to see the type of photographer I am emerge.
  3. Be a place to show my work where other can leave CONSTRUCTIVE feedback.
  4. Be a place were I can look back on where I was Vs where I am now, fingers crossed readers should be able to see an improvement. 
  5. I also hope that readers might learn a thing of two from me down the line and I can also learn from them.
  6. And of course be a place to meet cool new like minded people.

You will still see other posts about my life, tech and other random stuff as before but, heads up, I would expect to start seeing a lot more on photography. Here a little breakdown of what you can find on the site

  • Photography - This is where I will be posting photo's that I consider to be my very best. Not quiet a portfolio but that kind of thing. When you hover over it the only option is 'best bits' for now. Over time I we be breaking it down to the traditional categories like B&W, Event, Wedding etc
  • Photo of the Day - I mentioned earlier that the purpose of the site was to encourage me to shoot more and be a place to see where I'm going and where I've been. This is just for that. The idea is that I attempt to enter at least 1 photo a day. Mainly images from the bigger camera but as photography is as much about composure as it is about technical setting you will also see some of me better iPhone photo's there too. 
  • Blog - This is business as usual. Here I will post my thoughts, ramblings and rants about the world in general. 
  • Get in Touch - Does what it says on the tin

Over time there will be more to add to the site. I have some idea's for features to the blog but more on that another time. 

So please take a look around hope you like the new look, its taken me 4 month of tinkering, switching, toggling and changing various options to get the look and feel that I think is me, I think finally i've nailed it.

Keep being awesome 


P.S. If your thinking of starting your own site check out Sqaurespace, they make I really easy to make a quality looking site in minutes, seriously, they rock... hard!