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Blackpool Fireworks Championships - China (Friday 13th September 2013)

Every year Blackpool, a small seaside town in the UK for any oversea's readers, host a large fireworks competition. Each Friday one of nine countries will compete to become this years champion. Each team is given the same set of fireworks so it boils down to who can make the best with what they've got. It's an event that never fails to attract many viewers, local and out 'out of towners'. Half the battle is getting a good spot to shoot from to keep spectators out of your shot. As you can see I didn't succeed but I did get unique vantage point. I'm determined to do one of these events from down on the beach, tide permitting.

This is my 2nd go at shooting fireworks so you will be faced with many different looks and edits which are a symptom of my being new to this so trying a lots of different things. I'd love to here your thoughts on these if you have the time. 

Here's is my favourite's

I apologies for blasting you with tones of images in one post. 

Thanks for reading