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Photo of the day - Family Ties

I recently was ask to take some photo's for a joint 18th and 21st birthday for brother and sister. I honestly didn't know exactly how I was going to play this one. I've neve had that chance to do this type of photography. My only real experience are the drunken photo's we are all guilty of on a night out with friends using a point 'n shoot or iphone. After getting the photo's back and into Aperture I discovered I surprised myself. 

Photo of the day - Family Ties

Here's one of my girlfriend Lotti and her step dad Steve dancing. I love this photo how it shows the young and, not so you together having a great time. The focus being on the hands showing the bond of family. This just goes to show these bonds don't always have to be about blood!

Family Ties

There are a few more photo's from this event I'll be posting. Stay tuned and i'll show you.

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