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(i)Photo of the day - Blackpool Air Show, Shot with an iPhone 4


iPhoneography is one of the big reasons why I chose to get more serious about taking photo's. This crazy name, sometime referred to as mobile photography, simply means using your mobile phone to take, edit and share photo's all whist being out and about, no need to big editing machines to slow you down.

Being a lover of technology, especially when that tech has an apple shaped logo on it, iPhoneography was a no-brainer. I already had access to one of  the best tools for the job (an iPhone 3g back then) and I had a serious app addiction two key components of this new crazy. I was very quickly hooked and having such a simplified camera had a hidden benefit to very amateur photographer. The distraction of having learn technical aspects demanded by a DSLR camera such as Aperture, ISO, shutter speed was removed in exchange importance of composure, light and capturing the moment were brought front and centre. Skill of the up most importance of being a good image take and a great story teller. 

(i)Photo of the day - Blackpool Air Show, Shot with an iPhone 4

The lens on a mobile phone camera is not know for being very long at all, if I told you I used my iPhone to take photo's of an Air show you would think I'm crazy right? Well I'll leave it to you to decided but this photo was taken over a year ago at the 2011 Annual Blackpool Air Show using an iPhone 4, shot, edited and shared with all my twitter and FB followers all in camera+ whilst sat on the beach. Not a bad location for going through your edits. 

Blackpool Air show, shot with an iphone 4

Now i'm starting to learn the photography skills and techniques in the traditional sense of the word this does not mean I will be leaving the iPhoneography world behind. In fact it believe this will only mean you will see improvements in these photo's and I firmly believe there is room for both in my camera bag, anyones for that matter. This is a massively overlook area, especially by narrow minded and snobbish 'photographers' who think the gear defines you as a photographer. They can't be further from the truth the picture defines you. The hugely popular and very well respected UK broadsheet The Guardian have joined the mobile photography parade. Their photography section (which is stunning) have introduced a column dedicated to this space. Wow

Want to learn more about iPhoneography? Follow me on Twitter and Google+ where I post loads of useful articles containing info, news and how to's on both photography and iPhonography. I Also highly recommend iphoneography's biggest evangelist jack hollingsworth (photojack) on Twitter. He's been in the photo business for 40 years, an extremely well respected professional photographer who I so very excited by the new movement and has even done professional work with his iPhone.

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