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Photo Of The Day - "Don't you...!"

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How the devil are we party people. It's a sunny Saturday here in Blackpool UK, hope everything is all gravy where you are in your little part of the world. 

Before today's photo I just wanted to be a little self serving and point you guy's in the direction of other places you can find me on the internet, just hit the links below.  

Google+ In my opinion a vastly underrated social network, here I talk mostly about photography, I share links, articles about anything with a lens and I also post more of my own work.  

Instagram My into to photography more than anything was through my iphone. The decent camera coupled with countless post processing apps got me hooked. Follow here to see my iphone photo's

500px This is a site for showing off your very best pictures. I'm in the very difficult process of picking which photo's I want on here. If you like looking at stunning images I highly recommend you take a look around, it's a beautifully designed place packed full of amazing and inspiring photo's. iPad app is great too! 

Facebook Everyones gotta be on facebook haven't they? This is a page I created just to show off my photography. Admittedly I've neglected this page... a lot, but will be posting to it more regularly, I'm planning to share more work on here alongside articles you might find useful. 

Twitter Last but not least the all important twitter! Ah my old friend twitter. I love twitter its nice and simple, easy to dip in and out of without getting overloaded with info in yo face. If there is one place you want to follow me here's where you should choose, I'm here far more than any other social network. 

So there you have it, these are the places I hang out the most if you are a member of any of these fine networks please give me a follow.

Photo of the day - "Don't You..."

Here's another event photo showing 'the moment' as we discussed in the last post. The instant I saw this photo on my review screen on the night it made me involuntary 'lol'. It had this effect on me because as soon as I laid my eye on the image I was instantly reminded of the circumstance...

Lets call the lad in trouble 'Playa A'. Minutes before I took this shot I was on the dance floor looking for candit shots of everyone having a good time. This is when I notice 'playa A' make his move with a girl dancing. His chosen move? He did what any gentleman would do in his situation. Feeling brave, probably from the flowing drinks he decided to sneak up behind the girl and then grind on her like he was in a 1990's rap video. As you can imagine the girl didn't take too kindly to this and the rest as they say is history. The icing on the cake was when he was being shouted at playa A's mate chose not to back his wingman but to join in on the public dressing down playa A received.

Don't you...!

I'll leave it to you to decided the rest of the sentence leave what you think it might be on the comments below.  

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