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Photo of the Day - The Bride

Hello lovely people, hope everyone is well. It's time for another photo to share with you. Today I want to show you a photo from one of the most important photography jobs I've been asked to do, a wedding! This back in April this year. The reason why I want to share a photo from so far back is back of something that happened last night. A friend ask to see the photos I had taken so I was prepping them to put onto my ipad when something exciting happened, I realised that they weren't that good! I know that sounds like a really strange comment to make but I will explain why I was so excited...

Shooting this wedding was a big turning point for me. Before this I had been playing around with photography using my iphone it was doing this wedding which gave me the photography buzz. Since then I've invested a lot of my spare time in getting better at shooting and post processing. As I look at my images from April I could see little mistakes I had made back then and how easily they could be fixed. This was also so in the post processing part. 

So last night a 20min job turned into a 3hr re-editing session. I didn't need to make massive changes but I did make some tweaks here and there which made all the difference along with changing the final photo selection to something which I think tells the story of their day better. Stay tuned to the blog page I am working on a post about my experience of the job and share some of my very favourite photo's of the day. 

Now on to business...

Photo of the Day - The Bride

The Bride

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