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Photo of the day - Cheeky Face

Ive posted a few photo's of Landscape/Street stuff lately so here something a bit different. This photo I consider to be my very 1st proper portrait shot. Unfortunately I have to admit it was a complete accident, well mostly. The photo was taken during a holiday to Egypt earlier this year. I took the Sony NEX-5 to get some solid practice in. The subject is my amazing girlfriend  Laura (@Lottid on twitter). This image was the result of me just messing around and being silly in our room killing time before heading out for a beer.  Not much thought  or planning that I can admit to i'm afraid but we can chalk this one up to the 'always being ready' and have fun and experiment' school of thought. 

I call this a portrait for two reasons 1, Because it is a portrait in the traditional sense of the phrase. More importantly the composition  angle, expression on the Laura's face all come together to create a photo that show her cheeky and adorable personality far more that I could explain in paragraphs of text. Even what she is wearing and the way her hair is all speaks to the charming naive and innocent side to Lotti. This is what I want to do with my images tell stories not just take pretty pictures.

Photo of the Day - Cheeky Face

Cheeky Face