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Yosemite Valley

We got married! 

Last week me and Lotti stood together and said "I do" in front of our friends and family. The day could not have gone any better. Then just 2 days later, before we could have a chance to let things sink in we were on a big metal bird heading to America on a trip we had dreamed of for a long time. The plan was to hit San Fransisco, Lake Tahoe, Yosemite National Park, Sequoia National Park, Death Valley, Vegas and finish in New York. As I write this, we are about half way through our adventure (currently in Death Valley). We had high expectations from the trip and they have been greatly exceeded. I have a ton of photo's that I'm itching to share with you guys...

Yosemite Valley

Yosemite wasn't our 1st destination but it is the place that has blown me away the most. It's a seriously impressive place and left me speechless from the moment we entered the park. I think this might be my most favourite place I have ever been, ever. Nearly all overnight visitors stay at the Yosemite Valley Lodge located smack bang in the middle of the valley making it the perfect jumping off point for all visitors from hard core climbers to happy snapper tourists who rarely leave the car.

This is the classic shot of the Yosemite Valley. Mac Users will recognise the shot but I promise I took this one. I even managed to get the golden light hitting the peaks at sunset. It was taken at a place called Tunnel View and it shows the valley in all it's glory. You can see the epic El Capitan on the left and the distinctive half dome in the distance. I have more shots coming that look a little different to the shots you might have seen. Until then enjoy this one...

Be sure to click on the image to see in full screen epicness! 

Please keep an eye on the blog I have lots of awesome shots coming!