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Pendle Hill Microadventure

Word up party people. 

I'm back from another Microadventure. This time we chose to hike up the long side of Pendle Hill for 2hrs to hit the peak and make camp. Being a popular spot we arrive around 10pm at a car park and navigated in the dark to our destination. 

As we neared the top we started to see names and messages written in laid out rocks. It was this moment we remember what Pendle Hill was famous for... Witches! 

Surprisingly the night was not a spooky one but it was hard work. It took 3 variations of pitches to the tarp set up before we were happy. Once we were we snuggled down into out bags and made some hot chocolate with a nip of JD honey to help send us to the land of nod.

I chose not to take my camera out, that was a big mistake! The sunrise was awesome exactly the kind I've been wanting to shoot. So here's the photo's I managed to take with my iPhone 6. 


It was mega windy at the top making it feel cold but we were ready. We set up a tarp to act as a wind break, worked a treat

Top tip though, don't make camp in a patch of dirt even if it does help with sheltering from the wind. That sh*t gets everywhere! 

So this makes make no 10 of my microadventure challenge! wow, there's been times I didn't think we would make it. Sorry I've not managed to blog every trip. Even though I've not finished this years challenge I'm already starting to think about next year and to think about how I want to share them with you guys along with developing the blog more. 

Keep watching we've got something a little special lined up for the final trip of the year in December it's gonna be fantastic! 

Thanks for stopping