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Blackpool North Pier Sunset

Watermark or not to watermark, that is the question? 

I can never decide where I fall on this argument, I see the marketing merits in doing this, plus, lets be honest, it's a little ego boost seeing your monicker on a great image. On the other hand the romantic in me agrees that the photo should speak on it's own and a watermark is nothing more than a distraction. The photo bellow is watermarked, what do you think, good thing or bad thing?

Photo of the day - Blackpool North Pier Sunset 

It's late on a Sunday and I'm knackered! Me and Lotti went an a walk down to North Pier to enjoy the sunset and man what a great sunset it was. Finally the wish list for a good sunset came together in one go, clouds, nice colour in the skies perfect. I've only edited 1 image so far and as I write this my eye are heavy so think this is the only editing I'm completing tonight but before I head off to my comfy pillow I wanted to share this one with you guys.