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A wonder in the Welsh Hills

This week I was out of Lancashire and off to the Welsh Hill's with 4 friends (+1 Pooch named Ripple) and man did we pick the perfect day for it. The sun was out but not too hot and the clouds were present in force to compliment the fantastic rolling landscapes. After a 2 hour drive I was just about ready to get out of the car and up into the hills. 

The route wasn't too challenging but I was knackered after 17K of walking, think I slept for 12hrs straight that night! All in all a great day out, without further ado here's the photo's....

This is Brodie's pose, think he might have a future in modelling? 

Ripple planing where she can run to next

Jubilee tower

From the top of the Jubilee tower you can a fanatic view of the Snowdon range, I looked epic from our vantage points. One day my friend, one day. 

Standard Sheep photo

Iron age Hill Fort!

Goodbye Wales you've been wonderful! 

Thanks for stopping by. If you can to see more photo's from my adventures click here and don't forget to have a look around the other photo's if you like some photography.


As always here's and interactive maps of our route and peaks bagged and also shows were each photo was taken. enjoy..