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Candid Portrait - Lotti

This week marks the 4 month count down to when I get to marry this awesome girl. We may have been together for 9 years already but it feels like yesterday we were kissing in that night club. 

Taken while playing around with the daddy that is the Cannon 5D Mrk 3 with a Tameraon 24-70 2.8 Lens. This is a camera i've lusted over for a long time. I was both worried that it wouldn't live up to my own hype (it did) and that I would like it too much despite having chosen the mirrorless route... I did. 

The camera arrived and before you could blink it was set up and ready for action. My 1st thoughts immediately were "Man this thing is heavy". This, in my head, was a good thing. Part of me wanted to be put of by this camera, given it's expense, and that was a good start. After waiting patiently for the battery to charge I powered it up, left the beast in full auto and fired off a single shot. The shutter fired open and closed the image preview lit up the back of the camera and.... I was in love!