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Announcement - Street photography coming soon

I've been sitting on a lot of my street photo's threatening to add them to a street gallery on the site. Rather than just dump a load of photos into the gallery and hit the publish button I'd like to add a sense of occasion with it. 

So here's the plan... 

Every day this week I will post one of my favourites on the blog, along with my experience of taking the image. Then at the end of the week (Sunday) I will open the street photo's galley to the world. 

How does that sound? Sounds like fun to me.

So here's the 1st photo to kick off the proceedings. Think of this as a warm up to the official event starting tomorrow! 

Photo - Take a break

Take a break - Blackpool, UK

I choose this one because I think is does a great job of showing you what I love about street photography. It's about freezing a moment in time. By doing that it gives you an opportunity to go back really look and dissect it, whilst letting your imagination run riot. You look at the people in the photo and wonder what are the thinking? Where are they going? or why are the doing that? Sometimes you just think "what the f*$k?"

This is one of my earliest street shots. I remember roaming the streets of Blackpool with my camera in hand nervous that someone would see me taking their photo and immediately want to knock my block off. Thankfully that has not happened yet (never, say never). I remember looking up at this group and I instantly knew there was a shot I wanted to take, lifted the camera and took the shot as quickly as possible to keep the chances of awkwardness to a minimum. 

Street photography can do a great job of both capturing emotion and also inspire emotion, I hope some of my photo's do that for you. 

Don't forget if you click the photo you can see a bigger version of it.

Thanks for looking