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#Streetphoto week 2/7 - On ma head son!

Mission aborted

I'm feeling pretty gutted today. As readers may know, I committed to the Microadventure challenge this year and I've spent a one night each month under the stars in some wild place - in a forrest, next to tarns, in a field and on the side of a hill. However this month things have gotten away from me, so this trip was planned at the last minute. The only night available was last night, so we hatched a plan. Unfortunately, events conspired against us. Firstly, the abysmal wet weather started and never let up. Stubborn as we are though we planned to go anyway, in the name of the challenge. But then things happened at my brothers work which meant he couldn't get out until at least 11pm! We decided it was not meant to be. Why not plan another night this week I hear you ask? Due to work commitments we are out of nights we can go for July. Gutted.

On the up side, we are not stopping1 We have the next adventure planned in for Aug 13th, where we are hoping to be treated to a meteor shower above our heads as we dose off to sleep in our bivi bags. Awesome. The only question is where to watch the big show???? 

If you want to see what a microadventure might look like, have a look at my Longridge Fell Microadventure post. 

Now onto...

Today's photo - On ma head son!

Here we go with Tuesdays instalment of street photo week. Hope you guys are liking what you've seen so far? Please feel free to drop me some feedback in the comments section below - I just ask you keep it constructive. 

Blackpool, UK

I like this one for the really happy summery feel it has to it. The guy's were taking full advantage of the nice weather having a casual kick about as they moved through the town centre to their destination.  For the technically minded it was taken using my Sony a6000 with a Sony 50mm 1.8 from the bigger A mounts camera system, so I used an adapter and full manual focus (auto is far to slow for street work). The lens produces some nice images but you need plenty of practice with the manual focus, believe me I have a ton of out of focus shots from when I first started using it. 

As always thanks for stopping by, have yourselves a good day and don't go changin'