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#Streetphoto week 6/7 - Calm


I official such at trying to keep to a schedule. I promised reader of the blog a week of street photo's end with the big release of my new street photo collection. I managed to get 5 days posted that a last minutes trip to the Lakes put the breaks on my plans. 

I know you guys would understand that but this was about a month ago now! Lame. Well, i'm gonna get this finished either way this week so let's contain where we left off...


Todays photo - Calm

This one was taken in Preston during an evacuation of one of the shopping centres. Everyone was outside being grumpy and doing the typical moan about the inconvenience. I noticed this girl leaning on the wall to one side. She got me thinking it's really work just taking step back for a minute and take a second to take stock. 

Whatching the world go by

Thanks for looking, last photo tomorrow then I will open the street photo gallery

Don't go changing