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#Streetphoto week 5/7 - Blurred Lines

Hi gang, 

Wow can't believe we are already up to post number 5 of street photo week. Keeping up the daily posting has been a challenge but I've enjoyed it. Although thinking of things to write daily is proving difficult, my life isn't that interesting lol. 

Lot going on at Castle Royston at the minute so can't make this a long post. Exciting news, we are heading up to the Lake District for a couple of night this weekend. It's one of my favourite places to be, as soon as I see the mountains come into view I can feel my whole state of mind changing, such an awesome place. Fingers crossed for some good photo's. 

Today's photo - Blurred Lines 

This was a planned shot. I knew I wanted to keep the background sharp while blurring the tram to show the motion of it. So I slowed the shutter and increase the ISO a little and let the Aperture do the rest to get the right exposure. I like the results, will be using it more in future work. 

Gotta dash some gear packing to do