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Camping, food, beer and Ballin'

This weekend my paintball team were down in Stafford for a paintball for the CPPS Rd 3 tourney. As is tradition we headed down the day before with friends and family and made camp at the field so we could be ready to rock and roll in the morning. 

Of course, as is typical in our life, things didn't run too smoothly in getting down there. Me n Lotti decided we would pick up a new tent to take down for 2 reasons, 1) Because we needed a tent for the Scotland Trip and 2) There were tones of us going down and as big as my bro's tent is, it wasn't big enough! We struck out in Freeport so I had the genius idea to check out a shop I know I Blackburn. This shop turned out to be not just the shop I remember but an expanding, crazy other dimension type shop! I mean, every time we entered a room it lead to more rooms then just as you think you explored everywhere you find a little wooden door which leads to another massive room which has another door which leads up some rickety old step to take you up into a room that looks like the set of Edward scissor hands. I'm not joking the whole thing was surreal. Any who i'm talking crap now, we picked up a cool little tent had a look at 'good old Blackburn town centre' then pick up me mother finishing work in Darwen grabbed a bag of chips and hit the M6 down to Stafford.

I should point out the normal turnout for our paintball trip is Me my Brother and Dad then we make up the rest of the 5 man team with borrowed players so comping I usual just us three, which is fine. This time round however there were some what more of us, this turned into more of a Royston weekend break. There was a total of about 12 of us camping this time round which, of course, help have a great time. My Uncle Ronnie was the star of the weekend. He came with all his camping gear including his mansion sized tent, with a 'living room' big enough to fit us all inside and glow in the dark tent pegs (they were a big hit with the girls during a Westlife medley). I spent the night watching my little sister and her bessy mate chat up other paintball players/campers, listening to music, catching up with family and friends and had a top night watching Lotti simply be Lotti and entertained everyone.

As for the actual tournament we started of strong playing really well and organised with a solid plan but it was not to be. We only won two games out of nine but we put up a good fight, we held our own and made life very difficult against some of the best teams in the event and we lost a couple due to dirty tactics. Lotti was a god send, she organized the team made sure we were where at the right place at the right time ready to shoot some face's keeping the event as stress free as possible. All in all we had a great event despite the poor win rate we all had fun felt like we played well and more importantly had improved on the last Tourney. 

I'm absolutly knacker but its been a great weekend. Getting sorted to get down to Stafford was stress full but once we had arrive we had a good laugh camping. Team are all fired up and cannot wait for the next Tourney to come around. Not sure of the next date but i'll keep you posted for anyone who is interested. Any one who feels like coming down and camping or just on the day to support the Westcost Spartans the more the merrier.

I've wittered on for long enough now but I'll post some choice pictures from the weekend below and you can see the all the camping photo's on my Facebook page and the paintball photo's on the Westcost Spartans page on FB. I don't intend to be doing posts this long on a regular basis so don't worry. 

Peace out

Massive Tent in the Edward Sissor Hands, expanding space time shop

Some of Camp Sparta

Massive tent! 

Time to show how we do

Boys at work

Ready for Action

Kit n Kaboodal