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Movie Review - The Losers

As I seem to be billy no mates today I decided to go see The Losers by myself tonight and as a FB friend point out it's all in the movie title. After the idiot lads on the back row calmed down because mummy let them out past 9pm I settled down to see one of the summer releases I'd been looking forward to.

Arriving to see the movie, like all movies I want to be good, I went in with as little expectation as possible. I find the key to this to avoid as much marketing and hype about a movie as possible. I even go as far as only watching a trailer for a movie once or twice as not to get too excited. The reason being for this strange behaviour is that a film can never live up to the high expectations you build in your head.

Right back to the task at hand... the review. The Losers is very much the type of movie I enjoy. Right from the very 1st scene I knew I was going to enjoy the show. From here I knew right from the off that I like the good guys and want to see some revenge on the bad guy. The Losers is fun to watch thanks to a number of reasons. It has some decent kick ass action scenes and it keeps a surprisingly low body count while achieving this. I particualty enjoyed watching the dynamic between the Losers team, the playful banter between them was very entertaining and kept me locked in the film between the action scenes thanks to some very funny and dialog. I love watching the playful arrogant bravado of these types of character not least the way it's portrayed by Chris Evans, his best scene is him posing as a delivery boy to enter a business high-rise while signing to Don't stop believing on his ipod (You have to see it to get it) very funny scene. I also enjoyed watching the character Max (main enemy who sets the Losers team up). He has some very amusing scenes as he play the role of a super spook who can do what ever he wants. 

All in all there was some cheesy and far fetched action scenes but it's all in good fun. I thoroughly enjoyed every every second of this one. It's not the most perfectly written film in terms of story but this is made for in dialog and the playful use of reoccurring jokes. But, having said that it did have more story than I expected, certainly enough to keep me interested. Put simply it's great entertainment for all the family not too full on in terms of violence while still being cool and it will have you chuckling in your seat all the way through so what more do you want? 

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(Forgot to mention if you get to see the Losers i'd love to hear what you thought of it so please leave a comment bellow and let me know)