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Scumbag Wednesday

Wednesday. Wednesday is a day I have mixed feelings about. Like my infamous friend Andy pointed out in a reacent blog post Wednesday is the middle of the week thus giving you hope. However, Wednesday to me, means Orange Wednesday, which in turn, to me means scumbag Wednesday.

This is the day that every cheap skate in the area descend on their local cinema with their £30 disposable Orange mobile clutched in one had and a carrier bag from B&M Bargins ready to burst under the weight of crap sweets for 99p in another. Every week they repeat their pilgrimage to the cinema. And every week, for some unknown reason, they arrive bang on the start time of the screening they have come to see. So they stand in line with the other hundreds of tight asses and complain when they can't get into the screen straight away, surprised that there are other people in the queue never learning despite the fact it's the same every week. I hear all the time that the British love to queue. Thats utter bull shit, stand in a cinema foyer during the evening of an Orange Wednesday and you will very quickly see that the British HATE to queue. What they do love to do is complain. The absolutely love it when they have something to bitch about and they always know better on how to deal with the thing they are complaining about. Above all else there's nothing they adore more than to find someone wearing a name badge.  To them a name badge as a licencence to talk down to a person like somehow the badge means that they are better than said badge wearer. This situation frustrates me more than most but the simple fact is its a service industry so it's what we have to learn to deal with and become better. All this does have a good side. If your a your a fantastic manager (*cough) and you can pull of an Orange Wednesday, thanks to some great management, creative planning (*cough) and a little bit of luck, without a hitch and no complaints it's a great feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction. Something of which i'm very familier thanks pulling most OW close shifts ;-)

For a long time I despised OW. Now I kind like them, each one is a battle between decency and manners vs pigheadedness and rudeness. Ha, I just realised i'm f*cking Obi Wan of the cinema.  

Speaking of Orange Wednesday i'm faced with the 1st OW of Sex and the City 2 tonight...