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Movie Review - She's out of my League

OK it's been 2 days now since I watched it, need to get this review in the can.

There's not a massive amount I need to day about this one. That's not to say is a rubbish movie or lacking in story. In fact I loved this movie on a number of fronts. It's just that I don't want to give too much away and ruin the film. Let me set up the story a little before I go into what I thought.

She's out of my League is about a Kirk (Jay Baruchel), a boy who see's himself as a 4/5, finding himself in a relationship with Molly (Alice Eve), who is a solid 10. The movie depicts how Kirk deals with his, to him, unbelievable situation.

The reason why I loved this movie so much is because the story isn't simply about the relationship between the central couple but it also covers the very colourful relationships between family and friends on both sides. Most entertaining of all is Kirks friendship with his 3 mates who he has grown up with and now works with. They have a friendship, I have never had and am a little jealous of. They constantly abuse each other 99% of the time but when the chips are down they are there for their mates. Each of these characters are very different in there unique ways but are all very entertaining to watch. 

So to summaries' great movie. If your looking for a 1st date movie then this is the one for you. Very much delivers on the funny. Story was good, much more substantial than expected. Great sound track, all popular songs, I found myself singing along and taping my foot at just about every song in the flick. When you leave the cinema you'll be feeling all warm and cuddly inside. Personally I will be returning to watch it a 2nd time with Lotti and cannot wait. 8/10

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