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#Streetphoto week 4/7 - Day Dreaming

Sand everywhere

Hi gang, 

You find me a tired but happy. We did it! July microadventure is in the bag (If you don't know what i'm talking about read previous blog posts from this week). Last night I was in Cheshire Oaks to see the see the unveiling of a brand new iMax screen (showing Mission Impossible 5). Then two and a half hours later I'm tucked up in my sleeping bag on some sand dunes on the coast near Blackpool watching the intense sky and roaring sea, bliss. Although it was very windy so sand got absolutely everywhere. I didn't get that many photo's but there is a snap chat story out there, posted here I may yet do a post on the trip.

Ok on to what your really here for... 

Todays photo - Day Dreaming

This one is from a stop off in Preston after a meeting close by. Photography is such a growing passion for people who are wanting to pursue it more while trying to balance 'normal life' i.e. work/facility commitments you have to take every opportunity you can to get out and shoot especially when your in a new place.

Preston, UK

I really like the contrast in this photo. One of the girls is really happy while the other has her mind in a completely different place. 

Thanks for stopping by